Alex Limkin Interviewed by A Carrot A Day

The blog and community site A Carrot A Day recently featured an interview of our very own Alex Limkin! There will be a second interview posted in the near future on Gus Jolley from Listening Horse.

Alex and Promise helping on a trail ride

An excerpt from the interview:

Name one lesson you took away from the program that benefited you the most.


Animals and nature can help manage my condition, and life is worth living. Before I got in touch with Listening Horse, I had already been spending a lot of time in the wilderness by myself. I was indifferent to life and aggravated by people and the wilderness was the only place I knew that made sense to me. But even though the wilderness was where I was going, I felt that I was just on the outside looking in, that the sacredness of the outdoors was just something for me to look at but not experience. Gus and Promise helped change that for me. I spent a lot of time with Promise. I learned that I could reestablish my connection to nature with her. When I was with her, I felt like I was a part of nature, that I still had a place in the world and that I was reconnecting myself to life instead of just fleeing. I felt like I was restoring myself and finding meaning. I wanted to get a horse that I could be with all the time, but it wasn’t practical living in the city. Awareness of the power of animals and nature as calming agents also led me to Abigail. I would tell you she is a dog but that doesn’t feel right, just like I don’t think of Promise as a “horse.” Promise is Promise. Abigail is Abigail. They are beings.

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