Honoring Veterans in Tulsa: NSBA Heroes on Horses

Listening Horse was proud to participate in the NSBA Foundation’s Heroes on Horses Competition last month. The NSBA Foundation introduced the  Heroes On Horses competition in 2010 to honor disabled veterans who partner with horses in their healing process. The concept of the Heroes On Horses competition was started with a phone call from Gus Jolley, from Albuquerque, NM who ran a program for Disabled veterans with PTSD.

Gus Jolley
Our own Gus Jolley, his service dog, Otie, and horse Zorro, participated in the competition this year!

On August 17, 2014, 21 disabled veterans competed in two Heroes On Horses classes offered as part of the NSBA World Championship Show.  One class was offered for the working, ranch type horses, and one for Western Pleasure type horses.  Veterans from as far away as Florida joined the competition.  Veterans who  served in Iraq, Iraqi Freedom, Desert Storm /Desert Shield,  Vietnam, and literally all over the world, in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard competed in these classes.


Because many of the veterans and their horses had never been to a horse show before coming to compete in the NSBA Heroes On Horses classes, a short coaching session was held this year on  the evening before the competition.  Our veterans have made many sacrifices and have endured physical as well as emotional wounds. It is an honor for the NSBA Foundation and Listening Horse to be able to provide this experience for them!

Thank you to all who made these special moments possible.