It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Hey Everyone,
It’s Girl Scout cookie time again! This weekend February 23rd-25th is National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend. Our wonderful friend Layla, a SUPER SPECIAL 11-year old participant at Listening Horse, is selling Girl Scout cookies again this year for her troop in Tesuque & we want to help! Below is a list of all the cookies & their prices per box. For cookie descriptions, please see the link “Meet the Cookies.” Any order size would be really appreciated, but maybe you’d consider a larger order for donation to a shelter or the homeless?

Please email with your order asap. When the cookies arrive, we’ll be in touch to make delivery/pick-up arrangements & collect payment.

Thin Mints $4.25
Samoas® $4.25
Tagalongs $4.25
Do-si-dos® $4.25
Trefoils® $4.25
Savannah Smiles® $4.25
Girl Scout S’mores™ $5.00
Toffee-tastic™ $5.00

Thank you for supporting Layla , an amazing young lady, & the Girl Scouts.