Petition to Keep the Rio Grande Bosque Wild

Rio Grande Bosque

A few months ago I wrote about how important having wild open spaces is to veterans recovering from the wounds of war. The article was called ‘Mayor Berry v. The Bosque,’ because the mayor of Albuquerque is interested in building and developing in the city’s Rio Grande Bosque riverlands:

“A great part of my recovery from the wounds of war was communing with that sliver of land known as the Bosque, observing the river. The quiet, protected space, a haven where I could walk for miles, connected me to life beyond myself and aided in my recovery. There’s little doubt that the natural world offers healing to anyone who has experienced intense duress in their life.

Unlike other wilderness areas, it’s easy for me to reach the Bosque from anywhere in the city. I can go by foot, bicycle, bus or car, and trailheads and parking are obvious and adequate. Young and old alike can walk the distance required to reach the river. I regularly make the trip with my 86-year-old father, my 3-year-old nephew and my pregnant wife. Miles of trail exist in the Bosque, offering splendid views of the river, and a myriad of plant and animal life along its edges.”

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Bosque Sunset

A petition I launched on Friday has so far collected over 500 signatures from people all over Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the United States.

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Thank you,
Alex Limkin

“The average Albuquerquean man, woman, or child, is in need of a place within walking distance of the city where he can enjoy a breath of fresh air and a sight of a few trees, a few birds, and a little water…Just a good trail along the bank and clean woods.” Aldo Leopold (1887-1948)